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A short history of Watton   (best read on full screen)

WATTON in Norfolk

The Great Hospital Norwich

Weeze Kirmes

Wayland Show 1.8.12. CANCELLED

Boo & Hiss Fircoat and No Knickers 2010
Boo & Hiss - Laughter in the Dark 2009
Kermes Weeze 2010 1   2010  2   2010  3
Tree damage at Wayland
Wayland Show 1.8.10
Enid Clarke at the Dragonfly Gallery
EcoBugs at Wayland
Wayland Fun Day
Saham Gardens
Rotary Changeover 2010
Norfolk Show
Watton Carnival 2010 page 1      page 2
Rotary Young Designer Awards
Watton Weeze Twinning 2010
Rotary Vocation Awards
Awsome Wall Climbing  9.4.10
Awsome Paintballing   17.4.10
Belgium February 2010 Page 1    Page 2  Page 3
Panto 2010 Snow White and the Seven Days of the Week
Norwich Castle
Senior Citizens Party December 2009
Pearl Harbour - 1 Pearl Harbour - 2
Germany 2009
Christmas Market
Christmas Tree
Rembrance Day. November 2009
Skill Centre at Wayland Community High School
Pictures for the Festival
High School Graduation evening
Partnership cake
'Dad's Army'
Weeze Kirmes 2009 page 1 Page 2
864 Air Cadets Presentation 2009
Air Cadets Gliding
Watch out for Wasps
Wayland Show in August
Bury St Edmunds
Castle Acre
Dancers & Wild Wheelers at Hunstanton
High School Presentations
Helicoptors at RAF Watton
Norwich at Night
Carnival 2009
Rotary Vocation Awards 2009
Rotary Young Designer 2009
ATC Athletics
Rome   Rome 2   Rome 3    Rome 4   Rome 5
Chateau Beaumont. Normandy Le Mont St Michel   St Malo
Melsop Farm
Breckland Council Service Numbers
Waylands Got Talent
Ypres 2009
Breckland Youth Council event
Watton Pantomime 2009 - Robinson Crusoe     Page 2
Cheesy,Cheesy Christmas Show
Watton Senior Citizens Christmas Party
Wayland Community High School Presentation evening
Christmas Tree
Wayland Community High School Germany visit - Phantasia land
Watton Twinners in Weeze  -  Kirmes 2
Watton names its Town Hall
St Nicholas Hospice Care
Watton Rotary welcomes a new member
Breckland Pride Day in Watton
Wayland Show
2008. Wayland Students for Gorlestoun
Rotary Shelterbox at the Wayland Show
Blenheim Trophies at Memorial Re-dedication
Watton Carnival
Watton Rotary Vocation Award Winners 2008
Watton Rotary Young Designer Winners 2008
Twinning May 2008
Rotary Tractor Run
Wayland students at Ypres
Chamber of Trade President 2008
Watton Twinning Association
Watton Christmas Market
Prison dogs at Watton Rotary
Year 11 Annual Presentation Evening
Vocational Skills Centre for Wayland Community High School
Watton's KickWall saga goes on
WeezeWemb band in Watton  Report in German newspaper report
Weeze Twinners in October
Royal Marine training day
Town Council allotment winners 2007
Watton Rotarians welcome a new member
Ambassadorial Scholar visits Watton Rotarians
Rotary Vocation Awards 2007
Watton Carnival 2007
Watton Methodist Flower Festival 2007
Rotary Young Designers Awards 2007
Watton Twinners in Weeze for the 20th anniversary
Wayland pupils support DebRA
Mayor of Watton 2007/08
Duke of Edinburgh Award presentation
Inner wheel visit to Westminster
High School visit to Belgium
Duke of Edinburgh's Expedition to the Pyrenees 2006
New Rotarians
Father Christmas runs 2006
Senior Citizens Christmas Party 2006
Twinners at Weeze Christmas Markets
Festive Market
So long mobiles at Wayland Community High School
RAFA Presentation
Blenheim Trophy winners 2006
Watton in Bloom Competition 2006
Town Council Allotment Competition 2006
Rotary Presidents hand over night
Rotary Vocation Awards 2006
Rotary Young Designer 2006
Twinning trip to Watton June 2006
John Craigie is New Watton Town Mayor
Passing Out Parade for Peter Holyer
Ypres Battlefields in March (Dec2006)
RAF Laarbruch museum appeal
4 German Carnivals February 2006
Street Art unveiled in Watton
St Mary's Churchyard
Watton Pantomime 2006 - Bluebeard
Cabaret at the High School
Weeze Art Exhibition opens in Wayland House
Rotary in January
Twinning activities in 2006
Wayland House opening day
New member joins Watton Rotary
Senior Citizens Christmas Party
Watton Society Quiz
Remembrance Day 2005
BEWARE  Phone scam
Watton Festival 2005
Rotary September
Kermes in Weeze
Youth Centre Seat
Wayland Community High School building work
Youth Centre damage August 2005
New Community Ambulance arrives in Watton
Brewery House in the 40's
Watton Carnival 1960?
Watton in Bloom competition 2005
End of the Breckland Family Show?

Redhill Park Garden Competition
Rotary Vocation Awards 2005
High School Achievement Awards July 2005
Cake cutting at the Farmers Market
Wayland Community High School Summer Fete
Rotary Presidents change over 2005
Janis Crabtree - A Weeze Tribute     Pictures 1    Pictures 2
Civic Service
Watton Carnival Day
Watton Carnival - Hobbies Exhibition
Alf Harvey, Town Mayor 2005-06
Party time at the Youth Centre?
Rotary Young Designer Competitions 2005
Watton Carnival 2005 - Methodist Flower Festival
Mr Fagg cuts the hedge at Watton Railway Station - 1948-52? B&W pictures
Archie Manning and Chummy? B&W picture
Lincoln Bombers at RAF Watton 1956 B&W pictures
Watton Rotary Assembly
RAF Watton WW2 Veterans return
Buscall Shield 1911
Changing times at RAF Watton
Rotary Breckland Family Show pictures
Wayland Show 2005
Rotary visitors from Argentina
Watton Pantomime 'Dick Turpin'   January 2005
Panto presentations
WATTON Senior Citizens Party 2005
End of the Christmas Tree
Rotarians collect for tsunami appeal in Chaston Place
Sri Lanka tsunami links January 2005
Sponsored Slim for Charity
Remembrance Parade 14th November 2004
Mindless damage at the Youth Centre
Sealed Knot event in Watton
Queens Hall Watton. October Concerts
Ofsted at Wayland Community High School
Rotary welcomes its District Governor to Watton
Wayland Show Pictures 8th August 2004
Rotary Club of Watton & District Vocation Awards 2004
Rotary Club of Watton & District  starts its 2004-05 year
Watton Carnival Day pictures 20th June 2004
Roy Waller comes to Watton - True or False?
Watton Carnival 2004 Flower Festival
Breckland Family Show 2004
RAF Watton Memorials
Car Park Queens Hall is open
Watton Junior School launch web site
More Street Signs
The changing face of Watton 2004
Watton Pantomime ' Old Mother Hubbard' 29th -31st January
Remembrance Parade 9th November 2003
Watton Senior Citizens Christmas Party 2003
Watton Scouts need help
Alterations to Watton Youth Centre
Watton Town Centre enhancements
New terminal at Airport Niederrhein, Weeze opened 1st August
Watton in Bloom winners 2003
Town Council 2003
High School Presentation evening July 2003
Watton Rotarians new President is Joe Harrod
Technology College Status comes to Wayland Community High School
ClassAct 2003 - Bugsey 26th - 27th - 28th June
Watton Rotarians Vocational Awards Evening
Wayland Community High School Art Exhibition
Carnival Sunday 2003
The Martin Bridges Junior Football Competition 14.6.03
True or False with Roy Waller
Watton Civic Service & Mayor making 2003
Watton Youth Cafe
Watton Methodist Church - Carnival Flower Festival
Twinning 2003
Visit to Weeze from Stanstead on first flight 1st May 2003
Breckland Family Show Images  5th May 2003
Presentations at Watton Town Council Civic Reception
Watton Schools
Watton Youth Centre
New home for 1st Watton Scout Group
Crabtree Cup awarded to Charlotte Tortice
BBC Voices come to Watton with Radio Norfolk
Watton Millennium Garden         DamageRepairs
Loch Neaton
St Mary's Church
Watton Pantomime 2003
High School Technology Bid launch event pics1     pics2
Watton Carnival 1960. Do you recognise anyone? Large picture slow to load
Loch Neaton swimming competition 1949    Large picture slow to load
Last School Train from Thetford to Watton  Large picture slow to load
Football in 1949          Large picture slow to load
Walsingham Gates Re-Dedication
Senior Citizens Party 2002
Blenheim Trophy winners 2002
ClassAct at Wayland
Year 11 Presentation at Wayland
Remembrance Event at Wayland Community High School
Watton Crime Prevention Panel
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Watton and its surrounding villages have formed an alliance known as 'Wayland' see www.wayland.org.uk
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