Watton Twinning Association
     In 1984 the idea of a twinning link to a town in Germany was suggested through the RAF. The town was Weeze which has in its 
borders the former **RAF Laarbruch**. Following an exploratory visit it was decided to start the process of twinning. 
Weeze was found to be a small well established town with genuinely friendly people who were as keen as we were to form the link. 
Following 2 years of talks and visits both ways the official documents to forge the link were signed in Weeze in February 1987 and
 in Watton in March 1987. So started the period of growing friendships between individual members and 
clubs in both communities that continues to this day. (**Laarbruch is now being developed into an industrial area 
with a civilian airport that will make it easier to visit Weeze from Stanstead with Ryanair. Airport Niederrhein Weeze.**)

Weeze is just over the Dutch border and is easily reached by road from any of the channel ports. It is close to the historic 
towns of  Kevelaer, a site of great religious pilgrimages and Kleve made famous by Anne of Cleves

Twinning trips are made each year to and from Weeze. Visits are also being encouraged between youngsters from 
our schools and other sporting clubs. Membership costs just £10 for families, which includes the arrangement for a match 
family in Weeze. The association has 6 events each year including the trip and an anniversary dinner. 
Chairman, Margaret Devine, on 01953 883317.
Official twinning trips to and from Weeze are one per year
To Weeze  2009
From Weeze  2008
Twinning has made many good friends over the years, come and join us.

Link to the Weeze website  at www.weeze.de